500 Premium Logo Bundle - 98%OFF

500 Premium Logo Bundle - 98%OFF

500 Premium Logo Bundle - 98%OFF


????500 PREMIUM LOGO BUNDLE - 98% OFF ????

The value of this Amazing Bundle it's over $1200 you can get it for 18$! ONLY FOR LIMITED TIME!! NOTE: THE EXTENDED LICENSE IS AT THE SAME PRICE!

We are happy to release this amazing bundle that we've been working on for so long. This Pack includes a collection of Premium 500 different Premade concepts to help build the perfect Logo for yourself or your clients in less time just editing the text or changing the color and also 100+ Elements to try different styles.

What's included in the bundle?Bellow you'll find more information about each product:

Elegant Logo Pack Vol 1 ?? https://creativemarket.com/GraphicDash/1064721-Elegant-Logo-Pack-VOL-1

Elegant Logo Pack Vol 2 ?? https://creativemarket.com/GraphicDash/1065766-Elegant-Logo-Pack-VOL-2

Elegant Logo Pack Vol 3 ?? https://creativemarket.com/GraphicDash/1094768-Elegant-Logo-Pack-VOL-3

Elegant Logo Pack Vol4 ?? https://creativemarket.com/GraphicDash/1264815-Elegant-Logo-Pack-VOL-4

Feminine Logo Templates Minimal ?? https://creativemarket.com/GraphicDash/992756-Feminine-Logo-Templates-MINIMAL

Feminine Logo Templates ?? https://creativemarket.com/GraphicDash/752385-Feminine-Logo-Templates

Feminine Logo Templates Vol 2 ?? https://creativemarket.com/GraphicDash/983053-Feminine-Logo-templates-vol-2

Feminine Logo Kit + Bonus: https ??//creativemarket.com/GraphicDash/804018-Feminine-Logo-Kit-BONUS

Feminine Chic Logo Templates ?? https://creativemarket.com/IsikChic/1042656-Feminine-Chic-Logo-Templates

Ichic Logo Templates ?? https://creativemarket.com/IsikChic/1159166-Ichic-Premade-Logo-Templates-Pack

Stamp Premade Logo Templates Vol 1 ?? https://creativemarket.com/IsikChic/1169376-Stamp-Premade-Logo-Templates-Vol.1

Stamp Premade Logo Templates Vol 2 ?? https://creativemarket.com/IsikChic/1266986-Stamp-Premade-Logo-Templates-Vol.2

Stamp Premade Logo Templates Vol 3 ?? https://creativemarket.com/IsikChic/1351161-Watercolor-Fantasy-Logo-Kit-Vol.-1

All the Designs are made with the latest trends in mind!All the files are available in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop and all the fonts used are 100% free even for commercial use.

?? NOTE: The size of this bundle is over 1GB so it cannot be attached here. After purchase you will receive a PDF document with Files links.

If you have any question don't hesitate to message us :)